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HSE Noise Regulations

Audio/visual demonstration of noise induced hearing loss
Noise Regulations The Employers Duty

HSE Noise at Work

HSE Noise Exposure Calculator

HSE Frequently Asked Noise Questions

Top 10 noise control techniques

HSE Protect your hearing or lose it - pocket size leaflet

HSE Noise in Engineering

Control of noise at power presses

Buy Quiet – Reduce the risk of noise-induced hearing loss in the workplace

Links to other interesting & useful sites

Soundeck by SDS Link to our hifi vibration control products in UK

Soundeck by SDS Link to our hifi vibration control products in THAILAND

Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre INVC (Leading Noise Control Engineering Consultants)

Quiet Fan Technology A better and lower cost way to remove tonal noise from fans which avoids the expense of expensive attenuation.

MIS-environmental Asbestos management - air quality - material testing

Apex Accoustics Industrial and noise & vibration experts, analysis plus advice.

Parkhouse Engineering Newcastle under Lyme are specialist engineers who are approved installers of SDS laminated steel. They design, fabricate and install noise control solutions.

EMAT  Acoustics - vibration - design North East England

Vibration Directive   EC Vibration Directive was established to protect users of land vehicles plus air and sea craft from the effects of vibration and shock injury.

Enjoy The Music - A site for hifi enthusiast to read reviews and comment

Tyne Tees Thermal Established in 1980 they have become one of the UK’s premier thermal insulation installers. SDS work with them on noise reduction projects such as SDS cladding on gas pipelines.