Innovative Noise Reduction ..........By Design

SDS Products

Materials For OEM & Self Assembly

Sound Damped Laminated Steel is available in a variety of thickness and sheet size. SDS can make laminates from 1mm to 8mm thick in aluminium, cold rolled, hot rolled, stainless, aluminium and galvanised steels, including automotive grades. Sheets can be decoiled to most lengths, common sizes are 2mx1m 2.5mx1.25m and 3mx1.5mm. SDS also provide a cutting and profiling service.

Self Adhesive Dampers are also available in a variety of thickness, grades of steel/aluminium and sheet size. Thickness can be from 0.5mm to 4mm. Grades and sizes are the same as the laminates.

SDS Flexible 2 Pack Adhesive is a special adhesive which doesn’t glass when cured, this means impacts won’t shatter it and because it remains slightly flexible it transmits energy into our damped steel more efficiently. It also helps bond our laminated noise dampers to rough surfaces as it can fill gaps up to 3mm.

Manufactured Products

HiFi IsoFeet & IsoPlatMat See Hi Fi page
These work beautifully under noisy fan heaters, coffee machines, sewing machines, in fact anything on a work top which vibrates or transmits noise

Acoustic Enclosures & Guards bespoke design service, we can design and fabricate or build to your drawings.

Portable Acoustic Screens and blankets to place or hang around noisy machinery or to create a haven.

Industrial Acoustic Absorbent Wall Panels in standard panel sizes or made to measure acoustic panels for wall mounting to reduce resonance and reflected sound. Ideal for factory walls where noise is causing complaints from residents.

Quiet Extract Fan Technology designed by the, manufactured and installed by Sound Damped Steel. More Information.