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A 500mm * 300mm plate of 1mm steel was supported at each corner. Rice & sunflower seeds were used to show the vibration patterns and noise generated by a domestic physiotherapy massager passing over the surface of the steel.

The second plate was the same material and size as the first test but was made from Sound Damped Steel’s damped. The camera was recording on an identical volume level and no adjustment was made during the editing. The difference in sound levels and vibration patterns is significant.

Sound Damped Steel is happy to allow the reproduction of this video, provided the branding and company details are not removed from the clip.

Constrained Layer Damping is the principle Sound Damped Steel uses to convert vibrational energy into negligeable amounts of heat. Two skins of steel or aluminium are bonded together with a very thin layer of cross linked viscoelastic polymer. As one sheet tries to move with vibrational energy the shear strain between the polymer and the second sheet resists and converts the energy into neglible heat. For a more detailed description click this link... Constrained layer damping