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Sound Damped Steel has set up a dedicated site for the HiFi Enhancement products. The IsoPlatMat and IsoFeet are now developed and distributed under the soundeck brand.

Place the Isoplatmat on your turntable, now play your favourite record and be amazed. The Sound Damped Steel converts vibrational energy into negligible amounts of heat which lets your needle process the information in the grooves without interference from feedback and rumble.

IsoFeet Are 3mm thick x 75mm round or 75mm rectangular SDS vibration absorbing steel plates which isolate speakers, amps, turntables and components from vibration and feedback. They prevent speakers from driving the floorboards and enable systems to operate in a vibration free environment isolated from driving shelves or receiving energy from them. They are available in black or stainless steel. SDS can process credit cards and paypal, if telephoning please do so during UK business hours. If you would like to pay by card via a secure online invoice service, email with your order & we will send a secure electronic invoice.

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Sound Damped Steel HiFi products are now a dedicated HiFi range sold under the new soundeck brand. This is a link to the new site.

Click picture on right to see just how effective the IsoPlatMat is at removing vibrations.
Click Picture on left to hear the difference between normal steel and Sound Damped Steel.