Product overview


SDS manufactures a wide range of materials and products to control noise. In many cases, the result is a very elegant engineering solution that is both highly effective and very low cost.

Our products are particularly effective in high hygiene or other applications in food, pharmaceutical or electronic industries where conventional noise control materials pose problems relating to contamination, cleaning or durability.

Sound damped steel is often recommended as potentially one of the most cost-effective noise control solutions.

Materials For OEM & Self Assembly

Sound Damped Laminated Steel
Our sound damped laminated steel (or aluminium etc) is is available in a variety of thickness and sheet sizes. SDS can make laminates from 1mm to 8mm thick in aluminium, cold rolled, hot rolled, stainless, aluminium and galvanised steels, including automotive grades. Sheets can be decoiled to most lengths, common sizes are 2m x 1m 2.5m x 1.25m and 3m x 1.5mm. SDS can also provide a cutting and profiling service to provide ready-to-fit components.

Self Adhesive Retro-Dampers
These retro-fit self-adhesive dampers are available in a variety of thickness, grades of steel/aluminium and sheet size. Thickness can be from 0.5mm to 4mm. Grades and sizes are the same as for the laminates.

SDS Flexible 2 Pack Damping Adhesive
This is a special damping adhesive which doesn’t “glass” when cured. This means that it remains slightly flexible so that it generates the maximum degree of damping, creating a very highly damped construction. It also helps to bond our laminated noise dampers to rough surfaces as it provides filling capacity for gaps of up to 3mm in depth.

Manufactured Products

Quiet Fan Technology
This fan silencing technology designed by Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre can be manufactured and installed by Sound Damped Steel. These aerodynamic inserts reduce the noise of fans at source without using attenuators – and at a fraction of the cost.

HiFi IsoFeet and IsoPlatMat
These HiFi components are designed to minimise unwanted vibration induced noise in sound systems to improve playback quality. See our Hi Fi page for more information.

Acoustic enclosures and guards – bespoke design service
We can design and fabricate highly damped acoustic enclosures and noise attenuating guards or we can build to your drawings.

Acoustic absorbent wall panels
We design and install industrial acoustic absorbent wall panels to reduce noise reflections and hence control the spread noise.

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