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A key issue in the control of noise inside vehicles is how to prevent or reduce the transmission or re-radiation of vibration as sound. In addition, both weight and space are at a premium. Enter sound damped metal sheet and retro-damp adhesive dampers. Weight for weight they are an order of magnitude more effective than conventional unconstrained layer damping treatments, are more rugged and can be designed-in to the components – even complex formed components and using the same tooling.

Trains and boats and planes – and cars and hovercraft noise…

automotive damped sumpLow noise is very closely associated with the perceived quality of transport vehicles. Moreover, there are very tight design constraints associated with their design. The “dead metals” provided by us are ideal elements to control structure borne vibration to reduce radiated sound in this field as they are low cost, highly effective and do not impact on other design elements (space, geometries etc).
Typical solutions range from the supply of damped steel or aluminium sheets to the provision of adhesive dampers for existing structures to the manufacture of damped sets of components.

Sound Damped Steel has many years of experience in this field. Contact us to discuss your application.

Controlling noise and vibration in marine applications
From canal boats to yachts to ferries, ships and ocean liners (and even hovercraft), the major noise problems are often associated with structural vibration that is then radiated as sound. The properties of sound damped steel materials make them ideal noise control materials for these applications as they inherently reduce the transmission and radiation of vibration as noise.

SDS can be used to replace noise radiating surfaces with damped versions or very high levels of damping can be retrofitted to existing structures to reduce noise levels. Where corrosion is a potential issue, stainless steel is an option.

Even where the best solution is an acoustic enclosure, manufacturing the soundproof panels from laminated sound damped steel (or aluminium) can simplify design and dramatically improve the attenuation as it dissipates any vibration fed into the panels. This also reduces metal fatigue.

Heavy equipment and speciality vehicles
Operator and environmental noise levels can be serious issues. SDS materials are ideal elements for these applications as they are high;y effective, rugged and low cost.

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