damping at high temperaturesWe have developed an extended range of highly damped high-temperature “dead metals” that can reduce noise and vibration by a factor of 1000. Whilst the benefits of using laminated material in place of conventional steel or aluminium to reduce noise and vibration are well known, in the past they have been limited to relatively low temperature applications.

The breakthrough is in the form of a new high-tech viscoelastic damping compound that extends the maximum continuous working temperature to over 180°C. In applications where the viscoelastic core is not under direct stress or load, it can be used at temperatures of up to 200°C. This not only opens up a host of new applications where powder coating is required, but it is also ideal for products such as silencers that operate at elevated temperatures. These high-temperature laminates can often be used as a direct replacement for currently used materials, providing a quick and simple way to reduce noise levels on new or existing products.