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Our materials have been phenomenally effective across a wide range of industries, reducing noise levels at source by 10dB – 20dB across many applications. In some cases, it has only taken a matter of minutes to retro-fit the solution; Wednesday before lunch: noisy; after lunch: quiet…

Our products are rugged, low cost and are also ideal for high hygiene industries such as food and drink, pharmaceuticals and electronics.

Efficient damping is one of the most effective solutions to common noise control problems

Industrial OEM applications
“Buy Quiet” customer noise policies are becoming increasingly common, putting pressure on suppliers and manufacturers to develop quieter products. SDS damping products can often be incorporated very easily into a range of products with little or no design change required. Simply replace existing sheet metal panels with highly damped “dead metal” versions to create a quieter version – and a significant competitive advantage. Contact us to discuss your quiet product options >

Existing noisy plant
Noisy machines? In many cases, you could reduce the noise generated substantially by modifying or replacing a few elements (guards, covers, panels, chute or hopper components etc) with highly damped alternatives. It may also be possible to create a quiet, highly damped version in situ by using our adhesive dampers. Either way, SDS products can provide you with a very easy, low cost path to quieter plant that has no operational, access or hygiene implications. Vibration damping to reduce the noise from industrial plant and therefore occupational hearing damage risk is a key, low-cost technique. Fit and forget noise control… Contact us to discuss your quiet product options >

Hygienic noise control
Much conventional noise control technology relies heavily on materials that pose a very substantial risk to hygiene – or are simply just not acceptable at all. SDS high damping materials are, by their very nature, high hygiene. Consequently, they are ideal for, and are used extensively to reduce noise in the food and drink, pharmaceutical and electronic industries as a low-cost and highly effective option. Contact us to discuss your quiet product options >

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