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Impact Noise Damping Applications

Replacing sheet metal panels or sections with highly damped laminated equivalents – or creating a laminate in situ – has a dramatic effect on the noise from impacts radiated by the panels. The typical noise reduction ranges from 5dB – 30dB depending on the application. Rugged, hard wearing, low cost and hygienic. Ideal for chutes, hoppers, vibratory feeders and graders, conveyors etc, anywhere there are noisy impacts.

Vibration and Noise Reduction

Thin metal sheets and panels excited by vibration become loud speakers that radiate vibration as noise. The vibration can be dramatically reduced by replacing the sheet metal with a highly damped laminated alternative or by creating a laminate in situ. As this can reduce vibration amplitude by an order of magnitude or more, noise is also substantially reduced. The vibration reduction can also eliminate fatigue fracture, reducing maintenance. Apart from chutes, hoppers, gearbox panels etc, this technique also works very well on vibratory conveyors, attenuating high frequency vibration (responsible for the noise), but leaves the low frequency vibration (responsible for product transport) untouched.

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