About us

Les Thompson | Managing Director

Sound Damped Steel is a multi-award winning noise control company launched by Les Thompson in 2003 to develop, manufacture and supply highly damped materials for industrial noise and vibration control applications.

We not only provide a range of highly effective, efficient and very cost effective noise control materials and products, but we can also draw upon huge practical expertise to help clients solve specific problems.

Sound Damped Steel win the Ixion Technology award 2015

SDS makes use of over 30 years of experience in developing new and practical applications for the technology across a very wide range of projects to help both end users and the leading noise and vibration control consultants to solve their problems.

Whilst damped steel (many other damped metals are available from us) is simple in concept, applications range from the very simple (just replace existing metal sheets prior to fabrication) to more complex projects where additional expertise is required. In the latter case, we can provide unparalleled technical support to make sure that the project is a success – from particular applications to OEM manufacture.

As we have our own manufacturing facility, in addition to standard products, we also make custom materials, kits of parts and components to suit.

One unexpected spin-off from the capability to manufacture a wide range of products is our international success in the HiFi industry. There there has been much praise for the improved sonic performance of high-end systems using SDS designed and manufactured components that are sold worldwide through a variety of outlets and distributors.

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