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Despite the name, Sound Damped Steel produces a wide range of highly damped sheets in aluminium (and other metals) as well as steel.

The following are some of the common questions asked about the materials and their use in practice.

What is laminated damped metal sheet?

Sound damped steel or aluminium etc is formed by laminating 2 sheets together using a high loss viscoelastic layer under controlled conditions. This creates a very highly damped, rugged and hygienic noise control material.

What metals are produced as laminated damped sheet?

Sound damped metal sheet is available in Zintec, CR, HR, stainless, galvanised or aluminium. Other metals are available on request.

Can SDS be formed, welded etc in a similar way to ordinary sheet steel?

SDS can be deep drawn, folded, formed, bent, guillotined, lasered, glued and punched. It can also be welded – but with care.

How much noise reduction can I expect to achieve using sound damped steel?

Up to around 30dB attenuation compared with ordinary steel sheet, depending on the application.

Are the damped laminated sheets affected by pre-treatment or painting?

Our laminated metals are unaffected and can be treated just like ordinary sheets – except where temperatures may exceed 108C.

What is the working temperature range for these damped metals?

The materials have a continuous working temperature range of -40C to 180C. Above this temperature, we can supply it bonded with a special high-temperature viscoelastic layer.

What is the expected working lifetime for these materials?

They retain their acoustic properties for the lifetime of the component.

Can sound damped sheets be used in high hygiene environments?

Laminated metals (usually stainless steel) are often used in high hygiene industries such as food, pharmaceuticals and electronics where conventional acoustic materials create cleaning and material shedding problems.

Are sound damped sheets fire rated?

The laminates are inherently non-combustible and when tested for use in the public transport sector, the aluminium dampers were rated as Class 0, the highest rating (BS476 part 6).

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