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These are specifically designed to be retro-fitted to reduce noise and vibration in existing structures or components, either during OEM manufacture or to damp key elements on existing plant.

Retro-dampers allow the user to create a high damping laminate quickly and easily in situ on existing panels.

Retro-damp self adhesive damper kits
These are available in a variety of thickness and grades of steel and aluminium and in a variety of sheet sizes. We can provide laminates with thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 8mm in cold rolled, hot rolled, stainless, aluminium and galvanised steels, including automotive grades. Sheets can be de-coiled to most lengths.

You can either order standard sheets to suit, cutting them to size yourself, or we can provide ready-cut sets of shaped parts that can be simply installed on site.

Viscoelastic adhesive packs
damping power press safety guardOur flexible 2 pack adhesive is a special adhesive formulation that does not “glass” when cured. It is designed to maintain the desired level of flexibility so that it confers a high degree of damping into the laminated sheet structure. It is also designed to bond our laminated noise and vibration dampers to rough surfaces with excellent gap filling capabilities (up to 3mm wide gaps can be accommodated).

In this case, the safety guards for power presses are being damped on site to reduce radiated noise.

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