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By their very nature, SDS damping products are very effective at reducing unwanted vibration in HiFi sound systems to enhance the listening experience. This is, if you like, a “refined” area of applications for the technology compared with industrial projects – but the principles are the same.

Sound Damped Steel HiFi products are sold under the Soundeck brand on the Soundeck website.

Soundeck HiFi products

The Soundeck Platter mat

Soundeck PM Platter Mat is a highly damped  disk for your turntable that damps unwanted vibration in the patter/record system to improve the sound quality by reducing interference from feedback and rumble. You can read the rave reviews from the HiFi world on the Soundeck website.


Soundeck DF Damping Feet
The  Soundeck DF Damping Feet are 3mm thick x 80mm round or 75mm rectangular SDS vibration absorbing steel plates that are used to reduce vibration and feedback in  speakers, amplifiers, turntables and components. They prevent speakers from driving the floorboards and shelves, allowing  the sound systems to operate in a vibration free environment.

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