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In circumstances where sources are within highly reverberant areas and the noise is dominated by reflected sound of walls and other surfaces, then retro-fitting local acoustic absorbent panels can be a very simple and effective way to reduce noise levels by 5dB – 10dB – or even more.
The panels can also be installed on low ceilings and, in some circumstances, inside existing machine guards.

Acoustic absorbent wall and ceiling panels
SDS can manufacture these panels in a range of absorbent thickness designed to match the frequency characteristics of the particular noise sources. Typical thicknesses range from 12mm (high frequency sound) to 100mm (where low frequency sound dominates). As a rule of thumb the lower the frequency of the sound the thicker the absorbent that is required to prevent reflections.

We find that the 50mm absorbent thickness option is the most common optimum compromise between cost and sound attenuation for typical noise sources. Bespoke panel sizes can be specified, but since 100% coverage is not essential, it makes sense to use our standard sizes which are 2000mm x 1000mm – 1500mm x 1000mm – 1000mm x 1000mm – 1000mm x 500mm.

In many cases, only around 25% wall area coverage may be perfectly adequate.

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