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Noise and vibration in consumer products are closely linked to perceptions of quality. Lower noise and vibration = perceived higher quality and greater desirability.

Designing-in highly damped materials and components can often be a simple and very low-cost route to developing quieter products that provide a competitive advantage.

Quieter consumer products made simple
Washing machines, driers, humidifiers, fan heaters, air conditioners etc etc. These all include components that cause vibration that is then radiated as noise by thin panels that behave as loudspeakers. Damped materials and components can provide the most cost effective noise reduction option.

Once design engineers understand the properties and benefits of our materials, they can usually incorporate them into product designs very easily and with few, if any, design changes to create a quieter product that can be brought to market very quickly.

The key to developing quiet products lies in the accurate diagnosis and ranking of noise sources coupled with engineering expertise. The use of our materials is one of the fundamental techniques used by the INVC noise and vibration consultancy in their development of low noise products.

There is also the option to use our laminates to provide additional cosmetic enhancements. For example, replacing a higher cost solid stainless steel panel with a low noise damped laminate, one side of which is a thin stainless steel sheet and the other is galvanised steel.

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