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Les The swarf tower was finally installed in the cabinet this morning. When the machine was switched on, we thought we had a problem with the electrics, because no sound was coming from the cabinet…… Then we opened the cabinet door… In a word, fantastic ! As soon as my money lady gives me the nod, I shall be placing an order for the second cabinet. Many thanks.


Managing Director, Confidential

After what seems like far too long we have finally got some of your steel into the bottom of two bins! I measured the noise from about 4m away when some of our heaviest parts fell into the bin. A normal bin peaked at about 117dB. The ones with SDS in the base peaked at about 95dB. This is a lot better.  Also, the sound is much “duller” and less of a shock to those working around it. Thanks.

A Nevins

Engineer, C P F

Hi Les,

After the final snagging was completed, the attached noise survey was carried out to determine the overall noise reduction for this project. The average noise reduction achieved within the GRF compound was approximately 8 dB(A). The maximum reduction achieved was 16 dB(A) this was adjacent the metering flow meter area.  

The quality of product and workmanship is excellent and as you can see, the results are excellent. I will certainly be recommending you to my colleagues.  

Thanks again, 

Pipeline engineer


Les, I am very happy with these double steel dampers. They work very nicely on my 40x40mm steel test beam. Thanks


Senior Mechanical Project Engineer, Harwell Science Campus

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