Case studies | Damped metal sheets

SDS Sheets Reduce Transformer Noise

Precision laser cut sound damped steel laminated steel sheets are delivered to transformer manufacturers for them to form into components to reduce noise output.

They are supplied both as kits of parts that can be retro-fitted to damp existing components and as sheets that can be used to fabricate low noise versions of panels and enclosures. This technique has been shown to reduce the vibration in a transformer base plate by up to 93%…

transformers noise reduction damping

Manufacturing from Sound Damped Sheet

As sound damped steel can be deep drawn, it is often practical to re-manufacture noisy thin sheet components from laminate using the same tooling. In this case, highly damped diesel engine sumps were made by switching from standard steel to sound damped steel  with little or no effect on the normal manufacturing process. Simple, low cost – and very quiet…

sound damped steel sump

Damped Sheet Component Supply

We use water jet cutting technology to manufacture high tolerance components from damped steel or aluminium sheet. These components were made and supplied for a quiet fan project where the standard mounting brackets were replaced with highly damped laminated equivalents. This eliminated these components as contributors to the overall noise level.

sds quiet fan mounting plates

Chute Damping

An industrial coal delivery chute in a production area was a major source of very high noise levels (>100dB(A)). The INVC engineer redesigned the chute assembly to incorporate a series of sound damped laminated plates to reduce the fall velocity and to damp-out the impact noise. The result was not only a noise reduction of over 20dB(A), but also a substantial reduction in dust and a much more hard-wearing chute. Credit: Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre:

coal chute damping

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