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Whether the noise problem is occupational or environmental, whether it is caused by pipeline radiated noise or by compressors, pumps etc, SDS highly damped materials are a very effective and practical control options. They can be incorporated both into conventional noise control measures such as enclosures and acoustic lagging to make them more effective or used as direct replacements for existing components such as supports and panels. The potential for fatigue is also reduced.

Pipelines and valves
damped pipeline acoustic laggingSound damped steel and aluminium materials can be incorporated into enclosures and lagging to provide performance benefits and to make the cladding less responsive to applied vibration and hence less susceptible to attenuation degradation due to installation or maintenance issues.

Support structures can also be damped to reduce the vibration and hence the noise radiated. This also provides the added benefit of reducing the likelihood of fatigue cracking.

Compressors pumps etc
Whilst there may be full or partial acoustic enclosures fitted to these machines, the noise reduction achieved is often compromised by vibration short-circuiting the attenuation. Damping panels and components subject to high vibration can provide substantial additional noise reductions, as can laminating enclosure panels in situ to increase the transmission loss and to make them less responsive to vibration.

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